Felix Immler - The Swiss Army Knife Book | CRAFTING WITH THE POCKET KNIFE
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Crafting with the Pocket Knife

  • 15 projects, richly illustrated
  • A Practical Companion.
  • 15 projects, richly illustrated.
  • With easy to follow easy step-by-step instructions
A simple Victorinox pocket knife with a wooden saw and this small book in your pocket – you are ideally equipped to work with children to create exciting work projects. 15 hands-on, highly-illustrated, step-by-step tutorials show you how to make sound bars, gyros, sailboats, water bikes and much more. For this purpose the most important application techniques, the maintenance of the knife and all the necessary safety rules. Just slip a basic Victorinox pocketknife with a wooden saw and our handy little pocket guide in your backpack – and you are all set to take your kids out into nature to make exciting craft projects with the materials you find along the way. Our richly illustrated pocket companion shows you how to make sailboats, spinning tops, water wheels and more through easy to follow easy step-by-step instructions. All projects have been field-tested by the author and are specially selected for this book. You will also learn about the most important craft techniques, how to care for your knife and how to handle it safely and responsibly.

On this website you will find numerous additions to the book:

  • A „Pocket Knife Song“ for singing along
  • A diploma for the passed pocket knife test
  • Videos explaining the application of the projects
  • Worksheets for school children
  • A comic of the pocketknife rules explained to children