Felix Immler - The Swiss Army Knife Book | THE SWISS ARMY KNIFE BOOK
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The Swiss Army Knife Book

63 Outdoor Projects

Woodsman Felix Immler reveals how we can build a comfortable camp in the wilderness using nothing more than a pocket knife. Simple natural materials are used for making a waterproof roof, a chair, a bed, a table, a fridge, and an oven, as well as for carving spoons, knifes, and bowls. You can even grill a chicken on a self-made, water-driven skewer. The book is full of ideas for exciting and thrilling activities, suitable for families and teens as well as adult explorers.

On this website you will find numerous additions to the book:

  • A „Pocket Knife Song“ for singing along
  • A diploma for the passed pocket knife test
  • Videos explaining the application of the projects
  • Worksheets for school children
  • A comic of the pocketknife rules explained to children